Tangol is a word game that continues and expands upon “Sator Square” word grids, first documented in the ancient ruins of Pompeii (the five words of that puzzle were: Sator, Arepo, Tenet, Opera, and Rotas). Typical Sator squares are five-word palindromes, a 5×5 square with symmetrical words mirroring one another horizontally and vertically.

The App

Players have a multitude of choices in how to play Tangol in-app: single player classic puzzle mode, advanced classic puzzle mode, and timed challenges, with new modes coming soon! Create grids sizes 3×3-6×6, with larger grid sizes planned for future releases.

Track your progress in-game with the Feats menu, showing everything you’ve accomplished so far.

The Library

The Tangol word library is a heavily curated variation of the SCOWL collection of wordlists (copyright information available here). Words have been specifically selected based on common use and school education level. The “Classic” library from the main game includes a little over 8,000 well known words, while the “Advanced” library has almost double that. There are some proper names, abbreviations, and words you may not recognize in both libraries.

If you do find a word that you don’t think belongs in the library, send me a message here! There are a lot of words in those libraries, and I have almost certainly missed a few.